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Taking care of your random drug testing programs (consortium) and other alcohol and Houston drug testing services. We are also a DOT Physical Exam locations

DOT physical exams in Houston, TX is just one of the many DOT services provided at Work Well, PLLC.  Our DOT medical examiner is a DOT doctor on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) website.  To help save waiting time and to reduce the overall amount of time you have to be at our DOT specialized clinic we prefer DOT scheduled appointments (<--- click to schedule online).  However, same day appointments are not uncommon we just ask you call 713-670-7161 early in the morning for the DOT physical appointment times fill up fast.  We do except walk-ins although there may be a bit more waiting time for we will take the scheduled DOT physicals first. Either way you will get in and out of our DOT clinic faster than you would at other DOT physical exam locations. 

At Work Well, PLLC we specialize in DOT physical and because DOT Physicals are the majority of our practice even when walking in without any DOT appointment you could still get your fast DOT physical exam.  

DOT Physical Exam In Houston

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