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Houston drug testing facilities

Taking care of your random drug testing programs (consortium) and other alcohol and Houston drug testing services. We are also a DOT Physical Exam locations

Is your company in need of a DOT Random Drug Testing Program in Houston?

Work Well, PLLC's DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program offers an approved DOT testing process which includes:

  •  Computer-generated random selections
  •  DOT drug and alcohol collections
  •  DOT Laboratory testing - (SAMHSA-Certified, HHS-Certified)
  •  DOT Medical Review Officer (MRO) review and reporting
  •  DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) referrals
  •  Required Department of Transportation (DOT) reports
  •  DOT online supervisor training, and materials
  •  Company certificate of enrollment
  •  Enrollment ID cards for each employee

Work Well, PLLC can provide a nationwide network of DOT collection sites with a 24-hour turn around for negative drug test reporting. If there is a positive drug test, it could take a bit longer because the MRO has to conduct an interview with the specimen provider. Generally most authorized collection sites can be provided within a 10-mile radius of your various locations, although, remote locations are dependent upon availability.

To assist your company further the majority of our professional, knowledgeable customer service personnel are bilingual in Spanish, and or have been Certified Professional Specimen Collectors, completed Reasonable Suspicion Training and are Certified EBT (Evidential Breath Alcohol Technicians).

Don't wait to be audited and unnecessarily fined by the DOT to become compliant, contact Work Well, PLLC today 713-670-7161

DOT Random Drug Testing Program In Houston